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NALDA Empowers Poultry Farmers in Lagos, Others, While Tinubu Takes on Chicken Importation



The Home Grown chicken Empowerment Scheme was put into place by the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) in an attempt to support local chicken producers and grow the agricultural industry.

NALDA recently provided food, broiler chicks, and battery cages to 203 poultry farmers in Lagos State as part of this program. The project is to boost the economy, protect foreign exchange, decrease the importation of frozen chicken, and involve farmers. The goals, tactics, and effects of the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme are examined in this article.

President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda includes the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme, which aims to empower the underprivileged and generate economic growth possibilities.

With regard to broiler chicks, feeds, battery cages, and capacity building via broiler raising training, the program offers poultry farmers all-inclusive support. The distribution operation lasted for two days and was conducted at the Ijaiye Housing Estate in Agege, Lagos.

The primary objective of the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme is to empower individuals, particularly women and youth, by engaging them in poultry farming.

By providing the necessary resources and training, the scheme aims to create jobs, improve livelihoods, and promote inclusive economic growth. Additionally, the scheme seeks to reduce the country’s dependence on imported frozen chicken, protect foreign exchange, and enhance food security.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Lagos State have already effectively executed the empowerment program. Before the year ends, plans are in place to expand the program to the states of Abia and Cross River.

NALDA guarantees that the plan will be implemented gradually, with each phase focusing on a different location. This approach makes it possible to monitor, assess, and assist the participating farmers in an efficient manner.

Every recipient of the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme is given a full package to help them get started in poultry production. Included in the bundle are twenty-four broiler chicks, a battery cage, and three bags of feed (two starters and two finishers).

In order to provide beneficiaries with the knowledge and abilities needed for successful broiler rearing, they also go through extensive and sophisticated capacity building.

The goal of the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme is to provide recipients with ongoing support and investments in addition to the initial resource transfer. Farmers’ main goals are to raise the birds, sell the broilers, reinvest the proceeds, and then start the cycle again. Farmers may create sustainable livelihoods and help the agricultural industry develop overall by doing this.

To ensure the success of the empowerment scheme, NALDA closely monitors the activities of the beneficiaries. The agency conducts regular follow-ups, monitors their progress,

and identifies those who are committed and excel in their farming practices. Beneficiaries who demonstrate exceptional performance may receive upscaling opportunities from NALDA, further advancing their ventures and contributing to the overall success of the program.

There are many benefits for the farmers and the economy from the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme. People can become financially independent, raise their standard of living, and get past the obstacles presented by the current state of the economy by starting a chicken farm.

The program also lessens the dependency on frozen chicken imports, which is frequently of dubious quality and readily contaminated. This endeavor enhances the country’s food security and advances the agricultural industry as a whole.

Beneficiaries of the NALDA Home Grown Poultry Empowerment Scheme have expressed gratitude for the government’s support and dedication to enhancing their standard of living.

Miss Grace Oladele conveyed her appreciation for the empowerment while emphasizing the advantages it will bring to both her life and the Nigerian economy.

Mr. Taiwo Ajayi underlined the program’s significance in reviving the chicken business and empowering people to support themselves in the face of difficult economic circumstances.

An admirable effort to empower chicken producers in Lagos State is the NALDA Home Grown chicken Empowerment Scheme.

The program helps people create sustainable livelihoods, promote the agricultural industry, and boost the national economy by giving them access to the tools, training, and ongoing assistance they need.

NALDA exhibits its dedication to promoting economic growth and self-sufficiency in the poultry business with this program.

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