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ILO Recruitment (June 2024): 30+ New Jobs and Online Application Guide



The International Labour Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights. Established in 1919, the ILO plays a crucial role in advocating for decent work for all individuals worldwide. For those interested in contributing to the global efforts of the ILO, numerous job opportunities are available.

Career Opportunities at ILO
The International Labour Organization is currently recruiting for various positions across different job categories. The ILO offers job openings in diverse locations and areas such as project management, research, policy development, communications, administration, and technical cooperation.

These opportunities are regularly updated on the ILO website’s careers section. The recruitment process is merit-based and emphasizes diversity, integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity.

National Departments Hiring

  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Policy Development
  • Communications
  • Administration
  • Technical Cooperation

Benefits of Working

Before diving into the application process, it’s essential to understand the benefits of working at the ILO:

1. Global Impact: Working at the organization means contributing to initiatives that improve labor standards and working conditions worldwide.
2. Professional Growth: Organization offers numerous opportunities for training and professional development.
3. Diverse Work Environment: Organization values diversity and inclusivity, creating a rich and dynamic work environment.
4. Competitive Salaries: Employees receive competitive salaries and benefits packages.
5. Work-Life Balance: Organization promotes a healthy work-life balance with reasonable working hours and flexible work arrangements.
Working at the ILO provides not only personal benefits but also the satisfaction of contributing to global progress and human rights.

Application Process
To apply for jobs at the International Labour Organization (ILO), follow these steps:

1. Visit the ILO Jobs Website:
Go to the official Jobs website where you can access current vacancies and information on different types of jobs offered.
2. Create an Account:
To apply for a job, you need to create an account on the Jobs website. This account allows you to submit your application online.
3. Check Current Vacancies:
Regularly check the current vacancies on the Jobs website to find positions that match your qualifications and interests.
4. Read Job Postings Carefully:
When you find a vacancy that interests you, carefully read the job posting to understand the requirements in terms of education, experience, and languages.
5. Submit Your Application Online:
Once you have identified a job that suits your profile and qualifications, submit your application online through the Jobs portal. Make sure to provide all required documents and information as specified in the job posting.
6. Avoid Scams:
Be cautious of fraudulent schemes that may impersonate the ILO for recruitment purposes. The ILO does not ask for money or bank details during the recruitment process.
7. Report Suspicious Communications:
If you receive any suspicious communications claiming to be from or on behalf of the ILO, report them to and consider reporting fraudulent schemes to local law enforcement authorities.
8. Stay Informed:
Keep yourself updated on new vacancies by setting up email alerts on the ILO Jobs website so that you are notified as soon as new opportunities are published.

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