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How To Apply For A 2024 Federal Mortgage Loan With NHF – Apply Now



NHF Loan: How to Apply for 2024 Federal Mortgage Loan

Submit an application for a federal mortgage loan by 2024: This post will teach you how to apply for an FMBN loan registration form and distribution update. The Nigeria Federal Mortgage Bank (FMBN) Loan Application Form Reference Portal has started.

Note: The maximum loan amount for Federal Mortgage Loan borrowers is N15 million.

Mortgage Bank Loans for Federal Housing, Home Renovation, Construction, Estate Development, Rent to Own, and Mortgage Bank Diaspora NHF Mortgage Loan are all offered by Mortgage Bank.


Any Nigerian above the age of 18

Applicant must be a contributor to the National Housing Fund for a minimum period of six months.

Applicant must have satisfactory evidence of regular flow of income to guarantee loan repayment.


The loan shall be for the purpose of building, purchasing, or renovating a residential accommodation

No loan shall be for refinancing

Requirements for Federal Mortgage Loan Application Form 2024

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above
  • Savings account with a registered primary mortgage bank.
  • Contribution to the fund for a minimum of six months.
  • Proof of regular flow of income.
  • Photocopies of other substantiating title documents.
  • Survey and site plans.
  • A copy of an approved building plan
  • Bill of Quantities (if you have one)
  • Valuation report prepared by registered surveyors and valuers where applicable.
  • Tax clearance certificate for three years.
  • Letter of consent to your chosen primary mortgage bank.
  • Completed mortgage loan application form.
  • Proof of National Housing Fund contribution.
  • Pay slips for the previous three months

HOW TO APPLY for Federal Mortgage Loan

 Applicant is to apply through a duly licensed and accredited mortgage loan originator (MLO) of his/her choice and not directly to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN).

The MLO of the applicant’s choice must be accredited by FMBN to access the NHF facility. Application forms for NHF loans are obtainable from the MLO

Federal Mortgage Loan Application Form

To apply online, please visit the official Website

Institutional borrowers can apply directly to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria for the loan (FMBN)
Individuals can only apply through a Primary Mortgage Bank (PMB) of their choice that is fully licensed. However, you cannot apply for the loan directly through FMBN.

Interested applicants must get the loan applications from the same Primary Mortgage Institution.
To use the national housing fund facility, you must have registered your principal mortgage institution with FMBN.

Code to check Federal Mortgage Loan Transaction

The USSD CODE to use in order to carry out those transactions is *219#
Federal Mortgage Loan USSD CODE Transaction work out this way, just:

Dial *219# and send
Type 2 and send
Enter 1 and send
Enter the exact month that’s 1 to 12 and send it.


The property for which the loan is sought shall serve as security for the loan.

The property shall conform with the existing planning laws and regulations (approved building plan).

The property shall possess sufficient value to recover the loan.

A mortgage property shall be insured against hazards

The loan shall be secured by first legal mortgage of the property between the applicant and the mortgage loan originator and assigned to FMBN.


How to apply for National Housing Fund (NHF) loan

To apply for the National Housing Fund, follow these steps:

1. Open a savings account with PMB

Start by opening a savings account with a registered Primary Mortgage Bank (PMB).

2. Contribute 2.6% of your Income

Begin contributing 2.6% of your monthly income to the National Housing Fund for at least six (6) months.

3. Visit an Accredited Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)

Go to any Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) accredited Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) to obtain the application form.

4. Fill out the NHF Form

Complete the NHF loan application form with accurate information.

5. Submit the Form to Your Chosen MLO

Return the filled NHF form to the Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) you chose.


A borrower is entitled to a maximum loan of fifteen million naira (N15, 000,000.00) or as determined by the Bank.

No individual should be given a loan in excess of 90% of the cost or value of the property to be mortgaged.

Equity contribution based on the new loan amounts is as follows:

N15,000,000.00 – 30%

N10,000,000.00 – 20%

N5,000,000.00 – 10%


Interest rate shall be as prescribed by the National Housing Fund Act which is not more than 6% p.a.

These loans have helped people meet emergency needs, pay fees, write professional exams, make purchases and invest in their startups amongst other uses.

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