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Davido Advised Kenye West To Come To Puma



Following his public criticism of Adidas on social media, American rapper Kanye West has been advised by Nigerian singer Davido to work with him at Puma.Adidas had been accused by West of taking advantage of his devoted fan base and releasing a Yeezy design without his consent, even though the company had ended its partnership with him in 2022 due to a series of antisemitic statements.


The billionaire rapper bemoaned in a video message posted on Instagram on Monday, “Not only are they [Adidas] putting out fake colorways that are non-approved, they’re suing me for $250 million and they’re not paying me for these shoes that they’re putting out that have my name on it.” Davido, the global ambassador for Puma, an Adidas competitor, encouraged West to think about working with Puma

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