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Bambam of BBNaija Shares Her Experience, Saying, “Sex For Roles Is Scam In Nollywood.”



Actress and Big Brother Naija reality star Bamike Olawunmi, also referred to as Bambam, has called the problem of “sex for roles” in the Nigerian film industry a “scam.” She claimed that after having sex with overly eager young actresses, filmmakers would frequently break their promises to give them important roles. In an interview for the most recent episode of the podcast Secrets Behind the Scenes, Bambam recounted how a producer had given her the keys to his hotel room in exchange for a cameo role.


She emphasized that “sex for roles” is not worth it and urged aspiring actresses to avoid falling for it. “Sex for roles is a scam,” she declared. It’s not worthwhile. At the conclusion of that production, some of them [the victims] are only paid N50,000 or N100,000. Don’t fall for it! It is untrue. “It is a scam, sex for role.” On the one I completed, they gave me N5,000, and the filmmaker gave me the key to his hotel room. Oh! I wish to remain anonymous.


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