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I Don’t Like Dating Broke People



Ike Onyema, star of Big Brother Naija, has disclosed that those in need of constant attention from their relationships are always demanding it.

Ike stated as much when discussing his views on partnerships with “broke people.”

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He outlined the reasons why people on the internet should stay away from romantic relationships with these people, saying that they are entitled and in continual need of attention.

Ike wondered why anyone would want to live with a poor person on Monday, as he showed off his wealth on his Instagram page.

He added, “There are a few reasons you should stay away from dating broke people, beginning with the fact that they aren’t appreciative of your help and are exhausting.

They constantly feel entitled and want attention around-the-clock. So why choose to live in poverty when there are so many intelligent, hardworking, and open-minded individuals out there?


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