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Avoid Getting Married Too Young



Actress and reality TV personality Venita Akpofure has advised young people to put off getting married until they are “tired” of having fun.

She would urge her daughter to wait until she is at least 28 before getting married, in her opinion.

The mother of two who is divorced remarked that getting married early isn’t a smart move because decisions change as people become older.

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“Don’t marry young,” Venita stated in a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, Lagos, which was presented by Tacha. Sweetheart, don’t go and start doing high school. Live it up while you’re young. Get married while you’re exhausted.

“Ideally, we can go ahead and get married if my daughter tells me she’s ready, provided she isn’t older than 28. A 28-or less is not acceptable. Because you are a twentysomething who is still discovering who she or he is, and you will alter your opinion. Never mind; there are mature individuals out there. To be sure you want to be stuck here [in marriage], you need to do a variety of things in life.

She stated that she would want to live in a separate house with her husband with a “magnificent corridor” connecting the buildings.



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